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"Brandon has done everything he said he would do"

— Greg Sullivan, IT Director

Butler County Information Services


"I can not think of anyone who has been more reliable and consistent and dependable than you have been."

— Richard Burk, VP of IT

AmerisourceBergen Specialty Group



Software Development


I've been developing software for most of my life. Foci: VB.NET, C#

Graphics Programming


Computers can be a blank canvas sometimes. 2D/3D Drawing

Problem Solving


I love a challenge and working within limitations. Critical thinking



Developing software is a challenge. Experience helps ensure success.

Creative Approach


Unique problems require unique solutions. Outside the box

Database Programming


Information is king and must be stored. I've made programs for most databases.



There are many things that shape a person over time, often this is called someone’s passion. I have always been a curious person. My father still recounts stories of me asking one question after the next. When he would get tired or try to fake his way through an explanation I was quick to say, “But dad that doesn’t make any sense.”


Curiosity is a start but much of what has shaped my passion is my persistence. Sometimes you don’t find the answer as it should be. This requires rewriting the status quo. This truly is what drives my passion. I love to make something do exactly what it should have been doing from the start.


This would be hard in most professions but not programming. Everything is fluid and can be made better. I love that I can sit down one day and think something can be done and look back tomorrow and think how crazy it wasn’t done before. Sometimes there are mundane projects but I still love making them work the way they should.



These are two examples of what I've been able to do at other companies. These should help you get an idea of how I approach situations and how I exhibit my passion.

Besse Medical
ERP Integration
Washing Systems
Real-time dashboard




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